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These books I strongly recommend for any Northwest Coast Art lovers or Northwest Coast artist!

The Transforming Image is probably one of the best books out there on old Northwest Coast art. The book is full of old box designs which is where I can a lot of my inspirations from.

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast is almost every northwest coast artist favorite book! Well it's definitely my favorite. This book tells you how to draw northwest coast art and explains some stories related to the art. This book will also help you think of ideas and help you get a better look on art.

Northwest Coast Indian Paintings is also a great book for inspirations in the Northwest Coast Art


Northwest Coast Indian Art is one of my favorites! the wording in here is complex to read but I do enjoy looking at the amazing Northwest Coast designs.

These are books I recommend for reading

Stoney Creek Woman was the first book that made me interested in reading about my culture. I read this when I was younger but I still enjoy it as a young adult.

I read this book when I was in high school. This is kind of a humorous book about a young native boy who goes through some tough times in life. I really enjoyed this book, it made me laugh many times and cried once or twice. I really recommend this book especially for young readers. I wouldn't mind reading this book again. I think I'll order it again, I hope you will too. :)

 This is the best books EVER! One of my all time favorite! The book takes place in Kitimate BC, which is a local town around here. I'll admit the first 100ish pages are hard to understand but when you get past it you'll fall in love with the book, it's a real page turner! I wouldn't mind owning this book for myself it's so great!

I saved the best for last, Keeper 'N Me is my FAVORITE book. This book is about a Ojibwa man who was taken away at the age of three and later on returns to his family then learns about the traditions of his culture by a friend of his grandfather. It gets into the traditions and modern times of Native Americans. I just love this book! I strongly recommend you read it.