Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Photo

Mommy + Baby 
Picture was taken with a Canon DSLR. I used a tripod and the iPod app "DSLRemote"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

These are our Christmas photos :)

 baby's first christmas
His face is so cute :) 

 He loved opening his gifts!
 our cat Blue sitting by the tree
 These are my little brothers, Carlisle's uncles
 our old dog photo-bombing family picture
Christmas eve

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eagle reflection

Northwest Coast Art
Mirror etching
Eagle box design formlines 

I did this a couple months ago and forgot to take a picture of it. So I finally took it out and decided to take that picture. I noticed that the reflection looks amazing because of the camera flash so I had to take advantage of it and this is how it tuned out. Now I'm just curious if I should sell this or keep it since it's my first mirror etching and first Northwest Coast Box Design.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Little Boy

Just in case you haven't realized this yet but I had a baby boy three months ago in late August. His name is Carlisle Brighton, I named him after my mom and dad whose names are Carl and Brigitte. He was a whole 9lb 4oz when he was born, now he is 16lb!! Time sure does fly when you're a mom!

Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Dream Catcher Mobile

Dream catchers were traditionally given to babies to keep away bad dreams. The dream catchers were made with sticks weaved into the shape of a circle and sinew was used as the webbing. As the sinew dried it shrunk, thus breaking the hoop. The dream catcher breaking was a sign that the baby didn't need protection from bad dreams anymore. 
 When I was pregnant I thought my baby should have a dream catcher to look at because it is such a beautiful tool. I gathered up some materials and made him a beautiful bright red dream catcher with paper windmills hanging from it. After my baby was born I hung it above the change table. He absolutely loves it! smiles at it every time and loves it when I spin it around for him. After seeing that I think all babies should have a dream catcher mobile. So I started to make this pink dream catcher for someone I went to school with who had a daughter a week after I had my son.

 you will need: 
  • scissors
  • hoop
  • yarn for webbing (any string will do but the thicker the better for baby to see)
  • some kind of material to wrap around the hoop (fabric, yarn, etc.)
  • crochet hook (optional to make the hanging string)
  • bag of broken jewelry or anything nice to look at (to hang from the dream catcher mobile)
  1. wrap material around hoop until completely covered then securely tie it
  2. tie string to hoop
  3. use your string to make dream catcher: make a loop with string by wrapping it around the hoop about two-three inches away from where you tired the string. Then pull the string out of the loop you just made (look at pictures for help). continue going around until you reach the middle then tie off whatever way you think is secure (I weave the string through the middle then tie it)
  4. evenly tie four strings (or two long strings) on the hoop so it can hang from the ceiling. I chained 130 with a 6.5mm crochet hook

Tie the material together when you finish wrapping it around the hoop

 continue until you get to this step (below).
 Repeat going through the loops on the hoop until you reach the middle
it should look like this picture below now 
Finally evenly tie the four strings (or two strings) evenly spaces in four spaces of the hoop.  

info: I taught myself how to make a dream catcher when I was 8 years old by studying my dream catcher my mom bought for me. In 2003 when I was 11 years old I made a dream catcher wreath for Christmas (garlands and Christmas ornaments hanging from it) and my mom sold them at a Christmas fair for $25-$35 each. Just thought I'd share that idea with you. Some other ideas would be to tie left over materials around the hoop, weave around  the hoop with cedar bark or cloth, or crochet around the hoop. Some other ideas would be to hang whatever you want from it such as christmas ornaments (non-glass), stuff animals, origami,  fall leaves, just be creative

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cedar Bark Weaving on Eagle Feather

Cedar bark weaving on a eagle feather, normally used for traditional Native American smudging. I always had the idea of weaving on a feather so one day I just did it, it wasn't easy but once I got the hang of it I got it done in no time.  

Traditionally eagle feather are not to be sold or traded, but earned when you accomplish something.
 The feather represents balance, freedom, healing, power, and spiritual power.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting project

Before I can redesign my room I have to peel off all the purple and black paint, scrub off the white primer, sand off a lot of the silver oil based paint, then wash it with some grease fighting cleaner such as dish soap or white vinegar. Lesson learned the hard way! NEVER EVER! paint with oil base paint unless it's your floors. It doesn't work in the sun so it's not good for outdoors and you can't paint over it again with any other paint such as latex or acrylic.

But I can't wait to be done so I can paint my walls back to white! My plans are to paint all of my room white and since I still have some left over pink, orange, green, and blue I'd like to paint my room those colors in a very creative way for me and my baby on the way :) <3

Smudging lighter case

These are some smudging lighter cases my grandma made for our upcoming family reunion. Which should be exciting since we have family all over British Columbia and I don't know a lot of them, be nice to meet my family and get to know them.

I took these photos in my backyard when I was smudging with sage grown from my garden. It was super relaxing!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Nation Fine Arts

Over half the year is done and after finding out about my pregnancy I just couldn't do it anymore. The morning sickness, migraines, and stressed were just too much for me. Also the awkward silence that happened in class and the new alone feeling I had with my classmates I couldn't handle. Also the fact that the father of my baby would never talk to me and turned a guy I thought was my friend against me didn't help too much either. At the time I really couldn't find my inner strength to overcome all the things that was bringing me down. So for the sake of my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health I left the class. I'm hoping in two years I will be able to go back since my baby will be one years old and able to be in day care while I'm in class. I'm not a huge fan of quitting so the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art is on my list of things I must do.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Frog On Drum

acrylic on traditional drum ,
0" diameter, Drum made by Brigitte (my mom)

While I was pregnant I asked my mom for one of the drums she made to paint on. Because I'm in the Frog clan and children fall under their mothers I thought I'd make this design dedicated to my baby