Friday, December 16, 2011

FirstNationFineArts Last Weeks Of This Year

So the last three weeks of this year was learning how to carve. Learning which knife helps out with different cuts and learning about the way the grains are on the move such as "Do not go against the grain!". I also go to see the progress I make with carving which I find nice! going from complete crap to decent! I'm proud of myself, still learning going to take my panel with me to my village when I visit this winter break. CARVE CARVE CARVE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Another thing that happened today is that our instructors gave us the outline for next year in January! oh what fun it looks like! loads and loads of work!  I'm anxious!  The instructor also added that we have some big foot steps to follow up too which was that the second year students were the first to have completed everything. Honestly I hope that my classmates give it their all =)

Here  are pictures of my frog head  I painted before I started to carve!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FirstNationFineArts (Week 11)


So second week of carving into our panels I'm already done one last week. I decided to do a new one with a hummingbird. (pictures will be uploaded later) The first time carving I'll admit looks like shit but after awhile looks flippin' awesome for a complete noobie (beginner). Well life in school is currently awkward for me & some of the students I'll be honest! kind of like that stupid stuff you watch on TV awkward, but I'm a positive person, nothing is bring me down, I always make light of the situation and just laugh about it! well anyways *too much info* for two days now I've been working on art cards. Which are normal cards just with my art work on the front and my name with bio or with description at the back.
Since there is a Christmas art sale for my class with my classmate's work coming up this Friday and Saturday I thought I'd do some Christmas theme are for an art card. As you can see the painting is of a little blue bird  which I named Holly. I asked my mom to write a poem about this painting to put at the back of my art card and the poem goes a little something like this 

"I once knew a Lil blue bird named Holly
Always wore a red hat and was jolly
~Season's Greetings ~ she sang
~From me and the Gang~
~And have a Happy New Year, by golly!~
By Brigitte Watts

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

personal project

-acrylic, spray paint

This painting is one of my personal favorites of the hummingbird. In this painting the hummingbird is flying in the forest during spring time.

Friday, November 25, 2011

FirstNationFineArts (week10,11,&12)

Knife Making

 So we started to make knives for three weeks! and let me tell you! you will not get out of knife making for the first time without any kind of cuts! If you notice in the picture of me looking like a complete dork in the bathroom I have tape on my fingers! after awhile getting a skinned on my thumb, and getting small cuts I had enough and put a tape thimble on my fingers. Well I took some pictures of the blades I made, step by step sorry I couldn't get any pictures of the power tools and the very beginning. Another thing with making knives is that your knife can be so sharp you can't feel when it skins you..

Heres my version on how to make knives!
*Requires a lot of patiences & band-aids!...don't forget tape!*

Get your Grind on!

Heat knife to bend!

Clean up


Carve out handles, tie blade to handles and Ta-Da! your done!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Nation Fine Arts (week 8 & 9)

So on Friday the week before art history we were told that Luke Parnell, an Emily Carr student, is going to be teaching us art history starting Monday for two weeks. On the weekend I was freaking out wondering if the teacher was going to be one of those teachers who like to go on about the same thing for hours repeating himself. Turns out Luke is pretty cool guy! we took a trip to the museum which was super fun  because we went to one of my favorite towns! rainy Prince Rupert! We got there a little later then we should have so we just had a quick tour of the museum then we went for lunch. 

Well really this is what happened in my eyes: 

  • arrival to museum
  • tour
  • taking pictures
  • look behind me to see that my class is gone!
  • look all over for my class for half an hour 
  • gave up & left the museum to wonder around
I was going solo for my lunch hour, I did text all my friend that I will be in town and that they should come see me so we can chill. When my friends reply they all said they were just getting ready way too late! So we didn't get to chill. I went to get some subway, bought a new septum (nose) right and stood by the water front next to the museum waiting for my class. By the time I was done my sandwich walking back to the museum I saw a few of my classmates on their way from down the hill where they were eating lunch. 

After seeing from a distance another group of my classmates with Luke were walking in a shed that said something about carving so I instantly started to walk fast towards them, cause I didn't want to miss out on anything! We met one of Luke's friend Lyle who had one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen so far in my life! 

Back at the museum in the gift shop. Teacher Luke found some pretty interesting puppets that I suggested would make him giving lectures more fun! while me and my buddy found our way to some Native art glasses! I purchased a blutiful native design water-bottle. 
What we had to do at the museum as an assignment was basically look at the old artifacts and sketch it in our drawing journals. Nothing too fancy just to the point of the shape! (in the picture is two classmates)

Image library: image library seemed like such a boring assignment at first having to pick a first nation design then writing about it; describing it, relating it to other work, and then writing why you picked the image. after doing 6 images & write ups I realize this does help me in a way to recognize the style of other people's work.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hummingbird and spirit

spray paint, acrylic
$250 with frame.
- "Hummingbird and Spirit" is a Northwest Coast design of a hummingbird that is being watched over by her spirit as she lives her usual life collecting the sweet essence of flowers, .
*This hummingbird design is dedicated to my best friend - my sister, Ashtyn because the hummingbird is her favorite animal.

Monday, October 24, 2011


14" x 11"
$280 with Frame

-Killerwhale design


14" x 16"
$380 with Frame

-I created this frog crest design because I'm a frog. I enjoyed designing this frog, but I loved painting it the most.


14" x 16"
- This hummingbird design is dedicated to my best friend - my sister, Ashtyn because the hummingbird is her favorite animal.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week7)

 In week 7 the first year class had to take chainsaw safety on Tuesday and First Aid today(Wednesday).
  Chainsaw safety was such a bore! I wanted to sleep within 5 minutes of class! and I'm sure my classmates all felt the same since I did see someone 'rest' their eyes for a good few minutes, haha! 
 The First Aid course was super easy and SUPER long. Good thing the company and humor of my classmates made the day go by smoothly. Had a lot of laughs and finally got to cuddle today! Probably had some minor embarrassing moments not to sure though just kind of forget about that kind of stuff. ☺Don't let stuff bring me down, just look at the brighter side!

*FunnyStory: Today at lunch was sitting with my buddies as usual & I have this friend that likes to shake his juice bottle before drinking it every time and I have a habit of putting the lid on the bottle but not twisting it on. So I asked my friend for a drink of his juice and when he went for his shake then drink there was Mango Mellon every where* 

If your wondering about the picture of me with the eye patch it's because when me and my partner were practicing what we had to do if someone got something in their eye. Well in the end I "had to go to the ER"haha

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Nation Fine Arts (week6-7)


- This is my second crest design for the course. This is a frog I designed on my own, I can't wait until I'm fully finished these crest designs so I can upload a better picture of them. As you can see I am playing around with my camera again which I was inspired by one of my class mate's girlfriend who was taking pictures of him and his art; reminded me about my camera.

First Nation Fine Arts (week6)


-Week six of being up at the college learning how to paint First Nation Fine Arts. It seems that time is going by so fast but then I get reminded by how much work I've gotten done since I've started. On week six we had to do four crest designs. This hummingbird is my first crest design I've ever really done traditionally and I plan on giving this to my sister as a gift since she loves hummingbirds.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Personal Project (Rose)

Spray paint, Acrylic

-Here is a picture of a rose I sketched before this summer. I thought I'd add a little more color with some green, red, blue, baby blue, and silver spray paint. I then later painted the rose, thin boarder, and a abstract thorn bush with black acrylic.  

"What can I add to this painting to make it complete is all I have to answer."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week5)


Hands (Right)
Salmon Trout Heads (Left)

 -On Monday we had to do 2 hands and 2 tail designs. but since there was some typos in our class outline we had an extended deadline for Friday!
"This week I found out I really don't like drawing hands(left)! haha but I enjoy painting the salmon trout heads(right)."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Journey Home

  Spray Paint, Acrylic, Feather 
-These are table gifts I made for a feast I volunteered for on Sunday;Oct.02/2011. Nisga'a tradition is that when we have a feast the Nisga'a women bring their own dishes, set a table, bring gifts, and serve their guest at their table. The Fest was for the Nisga'a nation elders and their families that didn't get to celebrate their 'Journey Home' from residential school. Some of the visitors hasn't seen home since long time or at all. 
"The feast was so amazing and heart touching. It was also my first experience with a Nisga'a event, it felt nice being a tad in touch with a part of me."
This is a picture of my outfit I was wearing that day, and the Muk-Luks were hand made by my Grandma with Love which was a Christmas gift from her and my mom.

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week4)

2 Wing design, and 2 feet design paintings were do this week. I love seeing the progress as the weeks go by! ♥


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week3)

Killer Whale

As you can see in just a week, my fine lines are already getting finer! pretty proud of myself honestly! This week we have to do four crest heads, an eye, and formlines I did the bear first, and then I did the Killer Whale second. The eagle and wolf were done last minute so I didn't have a chance to scan them (=


Life Within

22" x 28.5"
$180 with frame

I started this painting back when I graduated by spray painting the background inspired by nature. The lady in the picture with the pink wings is mother nature. The black represents the oil spills and toxins we did to our earth. The reason this painting is call 'Life Within' is because although we have poison our mother she is still living, and I hope this will open your eyes to a new world. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Daughter's Love

This painting I did for in memory for my father who had passed away in 2003. There are many things I can say about my father such as what a great man he was and all the great memories we had shared together but i honestly like to keep these stories for special people who would really appreciate them.

Sun Goddess

This Painting is inspired by the Goddess of the Sun. I like to add my culture into my paintings so I had the idea of making the sun into the raven that stole the sun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week2)

 Today we had to start working on painting our ovoids, U shapes, and ovoids connected to the U shapes. Since I knew I worked fast I added a lot of designs such as T shapes and the hatching U shapes. By the end of the day this is what I've done. One class mate commented on how fast I paint, and another commented on my skills and speed. Which I thought was very cool, and kind of made me feel awkward; I always have issues with people commenting on my work, I really got to get over that!  Honestly in the end I'm very proud of the work I did today, since before my lines were never this thing and was more shaky!


Yet again I keep deleting my old blogs to put up new ones. this one will be filled with all my recent work starting Summer 2011.
Now attending NWCC First Nation fine arts, I will improve in my painting skills and learn my traditional Native American techniques. I will post some pictures of my art work that I've done recently