Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cat Ear Headphones!

So I'm kind of obsessed with cat ears! I love them sooo much!!!! When I see them on other people I get jealous or envious!  Anyways I have a pair of cat ears I like to wear around in my house all the time and since my son sleeps a lot I have to wear my headphones to listen to my music and take off the cat ears. It would be kind of weird to wear cat ears and headphone at the same time so I thought "Hey! I should crochet cat ears on my headphones" I couldn't find a pattern to make big cat ears so I just messed around a bit and made me own. It's pretty easy really. All you have to do is single-crochet how ever many you want and skip the first stitch every second layer. You have to make four of these and slip stitch them together.

After posting this picture on my Facebook, I got a lot of my friends and family asking for a pair or how much. I enjoy crocheting too much to make a job out of it, so I told them $500 as a joke hehe.