Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FirstNationFineArts (Week 11)


So second week of carving into our panels I'm already done one last week. I decided to do a new one with a hummingbird. (pictures will be uploaded later) The first time carving I'll admit looks like shit but after awhile looks flippin' awesome for a complete noobie (beginner). Well life in school is currently awkward for me & some of the students I'll be honest! kind of like that stupid stuff you watch on TV awkward, but I'm a positive person, nothing is bring me down, I always make light of the situation and just laugh about it! well anyways *too much info* for two days now I've been working on art cards. Which are normal cards just with my art work on the front and my name with bio or with description at the back.
Since there is a Christmas art sale for my class with my classmate's work coming up this Friday and Saturday I thought I'd do some Christmas theme are for an art card. As you can see the painting is of a little blue bird  which I named Holly. I asked my mom to write a poem about this painting to put at the back of my art card and the poem goes a little something like this 

"I once knew a Lil blue bird named Holly
Always wore a red hat and was jolly
~Season's Greetings ~ she sang
~From me and the Gang~
~And have a Happy New Year, by golly!~
By Brigitte Watts