Friday, December 16, 2011

FirstNationFineArts Last Weeks Of This Year

So the last three weeks of this year was learning how to carve. Learning which knife helps out with different cuts and learning about the way the grains are on the move such as "Do not go against the grain!". I also go to see the progress I make with carving which I find nice! going from complete crap to decent! I'm proud of myself, still learning going to take my panel with me to my village when I visit this winter break. CARVE CARVE CARVE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Another thing that happened today is that our instructors gave us the outline for next year in January! oh what fun it looks like! loads and loads of work!  I'm anxious!  The instructor also added that we have some big foot steps to follow up too which was that the second year students were the first to have completed everything. Honestly I hope that my classmates give it their all =)

Here  are pictures of my frog head  I painted before I started to carve!