Friday, November 25, 2011

FirstNationFineArts (week10,11,&12)

Knife Making

 So we started to make knives for three weeks! and let me tell you! you will not get out of knife making for the first time without any kind of cuts! If you notice in the picture of me looking like a complete dork in the bathroom I have tape on my fingers! after awhile getting a skinned on my thumb, and getting small cuts I had enough and put a tape thimble on my fingers. Well I took some pictures of the blades I made, step by step sorry I couldn't get any pictures of the power tools and the very beginning. Another thing with making knives is that your knife can be so sharp you can't feel when it skins you..

Heres my version on how to make knives!
*Requires a lot of patiences & band-aids!...don't forget tape!*

Get your Grind on!

Heat knife to bend!

Clean up


Carve out handles, tie blade to handles and Ta-Da! your done!