Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Nation Fine Arts (week 8 & 9)

So on Friday the week before art history we were told that Luke Parnell, an Emily Carr student, is going to be teaching us art history starting Monday for two weeks. On the weekend I was freaking out wondering if the teacher was going to be one of those teachers who like to go on about the same thing for hours repeating himself. Turns out Luke is pretty cool guy! we took a trip to the museum which was super fun  because we went to one of my favorite towns! rainy Prince Rupert! We got there a little later then we should have so we just had a quick tour of the museum then we went for lunch. 

Well really this is what happened in my eyes: 

  • arrival to museum
  • tour
  • taking pictures
  • look behind me to see that my class is gone!
  • look all over for my class for half an hour 
  • gave up & left the museum to wonder around
I was going solo for my lunch hour, I did text all my friend that I will be in town and that they should come see me so we can chill. When my friends reply they all said they were just getting ready way too late! So we didn't get to chill. I went to get some subway, bought a new septum (nose) right and stood by the water front next to the museum waiting for my class. By the time I was done my sandwich walking back to the museum I saw a few of my classmates on their way from down the hill where they were eating lunch. 

After seeing from a distance another group of my classmates with Luke were walking in a shed that said something about carving so I instantly started to walk fast towards them, cause I didn't want to miss out on anything! We met one of Luke's friend Lyle who had one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen so far in my life! 

Back at the museum in the gift shop. Teacher Luke found some pretty interesting puppets that I suggested would make him giving lectures more fun! while me and my buddy found our way to some Native art glasses! I purchased a blutiful native design water-bottle. 
What we had to do at the museum as an assignment was basically look at the old artifacts and sketch it in our drawing journals. Nothing too fancy just to the point of the shape! (in the picture is two classmates)

Image library: image library seemed like such a boring assignment at first having to pick a first nation design then writing about it; describing it, relating it to other work, and then writing why you picked the image. after doing 6 images & write ups I realize this does help me in a way to recognize the style of other people's work.