Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Journey Home

  Spray Paint, Acrylic, Feather 
-These are table gifts I made for a feast I volunteered for on Sunday;Oct.02/2011. Nisga'a tradition is that when we have a feast the Nisga'a women bring their own dishes, set a table, bring gifts, and serve their guest at their table. The Fest was for the Nisga'a nation elders and their families that didn't get to celebrate their 'Journey Home' from residential school. Some of the visitors hasn't seen home since long time or at all. 
"The feast was so amazing and heart touching. It was also my first experience with a Nisga'a event, it felt nice being a tad in touch with a part of me."
This is a picture of my outfit I was wearing that day, and the Muk-Luks were hand made by my Grandma with Love which was a Christmas gift from her and my mom.