Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week7)

 In week 7 the first year class had to take chainsaw safety on Tuesday and First Aid today(Wednesday).
  Chainsaw safety was such a bore! I wanted to sleep within 5 minutes of class! and I'm sure my classmates all felt the same since I did see someone 'rest' their eyes for a good few minutes, haha! 
 The First Aid course was super easy and SUPER long. Good thing the company and humor of my classmates made the day go by smoothly. Had a lot of laughs and finally got to cuddle today! Probably had some minor embarrassing moments not to sure though just kind of forget about that kind of stuff. ☺Don't let stuff bring me down, just look at the brighter side!

*FunnyStory: Today at lunch was sitting with my buddies as usual & I have this friend that likes to shake his juice bottle before drinking it every time and I have a habit of putting the lid on the bottle but not twisting it on. So I asked my friend for a drink of his juice and when he went for his shake then drink there was Mango Mellon every where* 

If your wondering about the picture of me with the eye patch it's because when me and my partner were practicing what we had to do if someone got something in their eye. Well in the end I "had to go to the ER"haha