Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week3)

Killer Whale

As you can see in just a week, my fine lines are already getting finer! pretty proud of myself honestly! This week we have to do four crest heads, an eye, and formlines I did the bear first, and then I did the Killer Whale second. The eagle and wolf were done last minute so I didn't have a chance to scan them (=


Life Within

22" x 28.5"
$180 with frame

I started this painting back when I graduated by spray painting the background inspired by nature. The lady in the picture with the pink wings is mother nature. The black represents the oil spills and toxins we did to our earth. The reason this painting is call 'Life Within' is because although we have poison our mother she is still living, and I hope this will open your eyes to a new world. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Daughter's Love

This painting I did for in memory for my father who had passed away in 2003. There are many things I can say about my father such as what a great man he was and all the great memories we had shared together but i honestly like to keep these stories for special people who would really appreciate them.

Sun Goddess

This Painting is inspired by the Goddess of the Sun. I like to add my culture into my paintings so I had the idea of making the sun into the raven that stole the sun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Year First Nation Fine Arts (week2)

 Today we had to start working on painting our ovoids, U shapes, and ovoids connected to the U shapes. Since I knew I worked fast I added a lot of designs such as T shapes and the hatching U shapes. By the end of the day this is what I've done. One class mate commented on how fast I paint, and another commented on my skills and speed. Which I thought was very cool, and kind of made me feel awkward; I always have issues with people commenting on my work, I really got to get over that!  Honestly in the end I'm very proud of the work I did today, since before my lines were never this thing and was more shaky!


Yet again I keep deleting my old blogs to put up new ones. this one will be filled with all my recent work starting Summer 2011.
Now attending NWCC First Nation fine arts, I will improve in my painting skills and learn my traditional Native American techniques. I will post some pictures of my art work that I've done recently